Breast lift in Tunisia

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Breast lift procedure

Breast lift or mastopexy is a plastic surgery procedure which is practiced every day. Foreign as well as local patients opt for it as an alternative to facilitate their daily life and improve their dressing facilities.

Breasts, having no muscles and being composed mainly of mammary gland and fat may not be improved by practicing sport or any other activity. Only plastic surgery may repair the damages of age, weight and hormonal changes.

When a woman is unable to afford such a surgery, it is totally understandable that she resorts to treatment abroad, and that’s why our country is one of the most attractive destinations for treatments abroad.

What is mastopexy?

Breast lift aims to raise and reshape the breast tissue, areola and nipple in order to keep the chest high and structured. By lifting the breasts, the plastic surgeon improves the whole body appearance and alleviates the weight on the woman's back.

How is the procedure performed?

Different incisions are made in the form, the volume and importance of the fall of the breasts.

Excess skin is removed and the breast tissue, nipple and areola are raised in order to have a more pleasing appearance. The procedure takes about two hours and can be combined with breast augmentation.

What follow up after boobs job?

The discomfort following the intervention is minimal, it may be reduced with prescribed medications. In general, women are back to most activities within seven to ten days to work after a week or two. All activities can be resumed after four to six weeks.

During the medical stay, the plastic surgeon insures himself the supervision and follow up of the healing. After flying back, the patient keeps in touch by e-mail and telephone with DUNE Esthetique team as well as the surgeon. Breast lift surgery may require a nurse assistance for the change of dressings.

What are the expected results for the operation ?

Breast lift final result may be seen within one year from the surgery. The scars have to be totally healed in order to evaluate the result. boobs job before and after photos may be crucial for the evaluation of the result.

What a woman may expect from breast lift is a higher and firmer chest, with a better shape and and a more youthful appearance.