Facelift in Tunisia

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What are the different facelifts?

There are many types of lifting each dealing with a particular anatomical region:

- The cervicofacial lift:

treating the neck, jowls, bitterness furrows, nasolabial folds and falling cheeks. It therefore acts on the middle and lower part of the face. It is the lifting itself.

- The temporal lift:

treats the fall in the region of the temples and the outer corner of the eyelids.

- The brow lift:

treats the forehead by enhancing the skin and muscles of the forehead.

There are various techniques available that are individualized to meet the needs of patients. These differ according the extent of incision and recovery time. It is with the surgeon that the patient identifies his expectations. It will be necessary to be realistic about the expected objectives.

How is made a facelift?

The intervention takes place either under local anesthesia with deep sedation giving a deep relaxation, or under general anesthesia in the presence of an anesthetist. The incision begins in the temple in the leg hair and walks in front of the ear, then the ear, then to the earlobe and behind the ear and ends in the neck. The plans will be tightened not only skin but also muscular and greasy deep planes. The procedure takes two to three hours. The incisions are placed so that they are the most possible discrete and the hairline is not changed.

What are the postoperative steps?

During the eight to ten days following surgery, the face is swollen. The bruises are variable among patients. The most bulky dressings and small drainage tube is removed the day after the operation. It is necessary to sleep with your head elevated and apply ice during the first week and to wear an elastic bandage to reduce swelling and bruising.

Drugs are prescribed to relieve pain and anxiety. Swelling and bruising around diminish after two to three weeks. Camouflage cosmetics are available if required. Patients are back to work after about three weeks; this duration may be changed according to the patient and the condition of the swelling. Activities on the upper body, aerobics or high intensity could be taken up after four weeks.

What are the possible results?

It is expected the new facelift that will give skin a younger, more relaxed. If a facelift can not stop aging, it may, however, dimmed the many signs that give the face a tired or aged look.

Possible complications

In general, complications are rare and generally low. Moreover, every individual is different in its anatomy and physical reactions, so in his healing abilities (scarring ...). Therefore, the outcome is never completely predictable. In case of complications proved after your departure, we take care of your stay with surgery, including flight