Liposuction in Tunisia

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Get the Body You Want and Deserve with Liposuction

Liposuction is meant to reshape and slim given areas of the body by removing the accumulated excess fat and by enhancing the contours of the body. In the majority of the cases liposuction procedure is performed on the thighs, abdomen, waist, buttocks, hips, back, upper arms, chest area, inner knee, calves, ankles, neck and . Liposuction can be performed on its own or linked to another cosmetic procedure.

What happens during the procedure of liposuction?

First of all, medication is given to make sure that the patient is comfortable during the procedure. It is made under general anesthesia. In order to perform the procedure, the surgeon has to make several small incisions on the treated body part. Then he inserts a thin tube, also known as the cannula, using a back and forth motion to loosen the fat deposits. Finally, he proceeds to a gentle suction with a surgical vacuum to remove the excess fat.

Liposuction When could the results be seen?

After the surgery the patient may expect to experience fluid retention and swelling which might make the patient believe that he/she looks worse than he/she did prior to the surgery. Once these effects subside, the body’s new contour may start to be visible.

Usually patients have to wear compression garment after the procedure to compress the skin and control the swelling. In some cases the surgeons place drains into the incisions to remove the excess blood and fluids.

The doctor explains to the patient how to care for the incision sites, what medication to take for pain and other side effects of the surgery, how to care for your general well-being and when to see them next time for a check-up.

How much does the liposuction procedure cost?

Generally speaking, the costs vary between €2000 and €2,400, depending on the areas treated and the complexity of the surgery. This fee includes the costs of anesthesia and the fees of the medical staff along with 3 nights at the clinic and 4 nights at a five -star hotel.

Why consider our clinic for liposuction ?

For a successful liposuction procedure, there needs to be a professional and experienced medical team to handle each case. This is exactly what we propose in order to let our patients achieve their aims and get the results of their wishes.