Cosmetic surgery clinic & surgeons

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Cosmetic surgery clinic & surgeons

After visiting the different clinics in the capital Tunis, we chose the most reliable cosmetic surgery clinic in accordance and in coordination with the cosmetic surgeons we equally chose meticulously.

Depending on the surgery or the medical treatment required, we confirm to the future patient requesting our services, the surgeon and the cosmetic surgery clinic corresponding to their request. The choice is customized according to the patient’s surgery and requirements.

Our role is, first of all, to offer advice and assistance to the foreign patients looking for a treatment abroad. We provide the adequate information about the destination, and the different medical services available including the cosmetic surgery clinic and surgeons.

How to choose the right cosmetic surgery clinic & surgeon

It is important to note that all cosmetic surgeons may operate in whatever private cosmetic surgery clinic they choose. Surgeons are not obliged to work with a single cosmetic surgery clinic, unless they decide to. As such the task of choosing both is not as easy as it might seem.

Considering opinions about cosmetic surgery clinics on the internet:

It is obviously important to find patient testimonials on the internet, but it is very important to note the following points:

* Testimonial authentication:

while reading testimonials, it is important to remember that some of them might be fake. One has to read carefully with a critical eye.

* Language facility:

French is the second language spoken, that’s why it is normal to find more testimonials in French than in English. Besides, due to geographical situation, Tunisia is closer to French speaking European countries like France, Belgium and Switzerland and as such Tunisia is a very popular destination for these countries.

* Testimonial sources:

The source of any witnessing is very important, that’s why not any testimonial about a cosmetic surgery clinic or a plastic surgeon is to take as genuine.

- Taking the advice of a reliable medical tourism facilitator:

The advice of a third party involved in the outcome of the medical trip is an extra guarantee. Besides the comparative experience of the medical facilitator, it is important in case of any disagreement with the medical team to have an independent adviser who may back up and support the foreign patient in terms of medical guarantee.